About Us

We are located at Karnal (Haryana) and are doing the trading business of cows from last 10 years and dealing actively in Haryana, Punjab and almost all locations in North India, If you are located in any part of India you can contact us for any information regarding HF Cows. We are also specialized in dairy business from last 15 years and currently expanding that also.

We believe in serving best yield cows so as to maintain long term relation with our customers, we are a team of experts and only deals in best breeds of cows.

About HF Cows

The full form of HF Cows is Holstein Friesians Cows which are a breed of cattle originating from the two northern provinces of North Holland and Friesland, Breeders imported specialized dairy Holsteins from the United States to cross with the European black and whites. For this reason, in modern usage, "Holstein" is used to describe North or South American stock and its use in Europe, particularly in the North. "Friesian" denotes animals of a traditional European ancestry, bred for both dairy and beef use. Crosses between the two are described by the term "Holstein-Friesian". They are known as the world's highest-production dairy animals.

The Dutch and German breeders bred and oversaw the development of the breed with the goal of obtaining animals that could best use grass, the area's most abundant resource. Over the centuries, the result was a high-producing, black-and-white dairy cow.

In India also HF Cows are high in demand but there are very few traders which are actually trading best yielding HF Cows and we are one of them. For more details contact us at - 999-285-9999